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Facts about Romania

Overview / Introduction

Romania is one of the most amazing, though heavily underestimated European travel destinations. The country is well hidden somewhere in the south Eastern country, behind Russia and Ukraine. About romania its oval shaped, is the third largest Eastern European country lying on the Black sea and sharing borders with countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova.

Romania is a wonderful land of extremes. Stiflingly hot during the summer, freezing cold during the winter. A land where an obscene amount of wealth is locked into the hands of a tiny number of people, a land where poverty is ubiquitous. Romania is where the Western world ends, and where the Slavic East begins. information about romania makes it known that it was the last territory to be incorporated in to the Roman Empire, when Rome comprehended the fairest part of the Earth, and the first to be left to its fate. Two thousand years after Romania now looks to join the European Union.

All fun facts about romania tells that for the traveller, Romania offers many things. Romania has the majestic castles, medieval towns, great hiking and wildlife, and cheap skiing of much of the 'undiscovered' former Eastern Bloc The opportunity to see genuinely wonderful places, to meet wonderful people, to experience the last frontier-land in Europe. The time of the opera season, concerts and Romania cuisine in warm and welcoming restaurants are not to be missed.
After going through the interesting facts about romania one would say that Romania is truly a country for touring, for its cultural enrichment, winter sports, hiking, boating and activities of all kinds. What you want to do when in the county will make you decide the right time to visit Romania. Want to laze around on the beaches of the Black sea then between June and September would be the bets times. And if you are a lover of winter sports then from Christmas till March would be an ideal time for visiting the country.

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