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Romania History

Present-day Romania is just slightly smaller in area than Great with a population of about 23 million. Romania shares borders today with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Moldova. Its southeastern frontier follows the Black Sea. The Romanian people descended from the ancient Romans and the Dacians, an ancient Thracian tribe native to the land now called Romania. The majority of Romania's citizens are ethnic Romanians, but there are also many minorities. Hungarians, Saxons, and Gypsies are the largest ethnic minority groups. Most Romanians follow the Christian Orthodox religion, even through the Communist years when religious practice was outlawed.

Romania history saw modern day Romania, before 7th century BC settleded by the Geto-Dacian people. Post 7th century the Romanian territory was occupied by Romans until the year 271 AD.In the history of romania until the 10th Century, the area was inhabited by different invading groups, but the native Romanians survived and by the 10th Century they established a feudal system. From the 10th Century, Hungary occupied Transylvania and, by the 13th Century, was an independent Hungarian region with still containing a majority of Romanian people.

In the year 1812 Russia seized a part of Molddavia from the Turks but the remaining areas was united in 1859 when a national state was formed by the name of Romania in 1862 under Alexandru Cuza with the French assistance. Cuza renounced in 1866 and was succeeded by King Carol I. He soon in 1877 declared independence from the Ottoman Empire and expanded Romanian territory by taking Dobruja in 1878.

Romania history witnessed the country entering the World War I on the side of the three powerful nations UK, France, and Russia. Immediate invasion by Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria followed. But at the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, Romania was awarded Transylvania and Bessarabia, bringing their ethnic Romanian populations within Romanian boundaries. During the war period the King Carol II worked on forming alliances and signing pacts with other nations like USSR, Greece and Turkey. Finally in the year 1938 the king declared a personal dictatorship but had to give up in support of his son, Michael. Romania supported Hitler in his attempts to invade other nations. Romanian attitude changed once the Soviet forces were about to invade the country and they turned on the Germans instead. history on romania saw the communist government put an end to the monarchy and declared Romania a People's Republic.

In the history of romania a transformation took place as in the late 1940s and 1950s, Romania rebuild its economy adopting a neo-Stalinist style of government. Nicolae Ceausescu in the year 1965 took over leadership and pursued a policy of independence from Moscow. Nicole nurtured his relations with many western countries and acquired World Bank loans for reviving the Romanian economy. In December 1989 anti-government struggles in Bucharest and Timisoara sparked of into a brief civil war, which resulted with the capture, trial, and immediate execution of the Ceausescu’s.

Public discontent continued after the new market economy was introduced. By September, however, the recently elected government was in turmoil as Prime Minister Petr Roman resigned following an outbreak of mass rioting. He was succeeded by Theodor Stolojan, who headed a cross-party coalition government which endorsed Romania's new constitution in December. President Iliescu was re-elected in 1992. A political crisis in August 1993 led to a government reshuffle in which four ministers and 15 State Secretaries were removed. By the end of 1993, the Democratic Convention created the current government.

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