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Current events romania, Romanians celebrate their ancient heritage, changing seasons, religious holidays and life-cycle events, such as birth, marriage and death, with festivals that have remained unchanged for centuries. Some of Europe's most traditional folkways are particularly preserved here, with young celebrants wearing the same costumes and dancing the same steps to tunes played on instruments traditional to their forefathers since time immemorial. Romania has a juicy calendar of romania events in folklore festivals.

Romania events and festivals provide wonderful opportunities for visitors to experience the blend of the people who make up this country, whose Latin roots dating from the Roman Empire make it unique in East-Central Europe. Major festivals throughout the year make the current events in romania. Major current events romania include:

› Traditional Crafts Fair: Traditional Crafts Fair romania events is held during the June month. Crafts enthusiasts from all over Romania gather at the Village Museum in Bucharest to offer free demonstrations of traditional woodcarving, rug weaving, textile weaving and embroidering, pottery molding, glass blowing, egg painting and much more.
› Bucharest of Old: Celebrated during the July month. It’s the celebration of the city as it was 150 years ago. Parade of 1800s costumes, horse-drawn carriages, traditional food, music and special performances takes place.

› Medieval Days: Three-day celebration of medieval arts, crafts, music is held in July. It recreates the atmosphere of medieval Sighisoara using medieval arts, music, and crafts.

• The Maidens' Fair (Targul de Fete): July sees a traditional matchmaking festival where villagers in traditional costume walk up to Gaina Mountain for dancing, feasting and choosing their future mate.
• Dance at Prislop (Hora de la Prislop): Takes place in August with traditional celebration of ties among three of Romania's main regions: Transylvania, Moldova and Maramures. During this Romanian events villagers parade in traditional costume to Prislop Pass in the Carpathian Mountains, and then participate in traditional dances, singing and feasting.
• Romania's Folk Art Festival: Initiation in folk art creation (pottery molding, textile embroidering, woodcarving and more) offered, for free, by preeminent folk artists to those interested in traditional crafts.
• Sambra Oilor: The Sambra Oilor is a major pastoral festival to mark the sheep herds coming down from the mountains, held in and around Bran in September.
• Wine Making Festival: It’s celebrated in October which marks the beginning of the grape harvest.
• Halloween in Transylvania: In the month of October tours, shows and celebrations following the footsteps of Bram Stoker's novel character, Count Dracula is organized.
• Christmas Traditions Festival: Of all the holiday events romania enjoyed during the year, folk festivals are without a doubt the most spectacular. While some festival dates remain fixed, others change year by year. The De la Colind la Stea Christmas festival is celebrated in Brasov.

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