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Travel Guide - 10 Unique Things in Romania

While visiting Romania one can look forward to enjoying unique things about romania. Romania is truly a country for touring, for cultural enrichment, winter sports, hiking, boating and activities all unique things romania. The best times to visit depends on what you want to do in romania unique things. Between June and September one could enjoy beach holidays on the Black sea and winter sports from Christmas until March. Romania is a diverse nation in every way. You’ll never find yourself out of something to do, whether it’s skiing in the Carpathian Mountains or lying on a beach on the Black Sea coast.

Romania unique things have many open air activities which have been passionately pursued in Romania for a long time. The word "tourism" to Romanians virtually means hiking in the mountains, while down at the Black Sea there are superb conditions for watersports.

» Winter Sports: Romania's ski resorts were mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s and well-trained skiers describe them as one of Europe's most enjoyable, friendly and least spoilt winter sports destinations. And most importantly they are extremely affordable. A wide range of possibilities are available. Skiing and bobsleighing in the mountains in winter, or riding, hiking, swimming and tennis in summer. Many hotels have indoor swimming pools and saunas.

» Hunting: Romania is one of the four countries that founded the International Council for Hunting and Game Protection. The open season for hunting various animals are: stag (01/08-03/1); roebuck (01/05-31/10); deer (01/09-30/11); chamois (15/09-31/12); wild boar (01/10-15/02 ); mountain cock (1-15/05 ); pheasant ( 15/10-28/02 ); water birds ( 15/08-15/03 ).

» Fishing: Fishing is practiced mainly in the Danube Delta and on the lake shores around big cities. In the Danube Delta there are over 160 fish species found. Fishing may be combined with excursions for professional and amateur ornithologists (the Danube Delta shelters over 300 bird species and the biggest colony of pelicans in Europe). Sailing: The Danube Delta has its own regulations that must be strictly observed. Tourists bringing own craft must pay compulsory fee at Tulcea Harbour Station, and they need to produce passports, sailing license and identification papers to the craft.

» Caving: Caving is one of the unique things romania which cannot be missed. Romanians are absolutely crazy about speleology. More than 11,000 caves can be explored without official permission, many being in the Apuseni Mountains. Rock climbing is also very popular and known locally as alpinism. The main centre for the sport is Busteni (also a ski-resort).

» Cycling: To enjoy and explore the country one can go for cycling in the hills, following forestry roads and shepherd's tracks. You need to bring your own mountain bikes, but having done so you will be rewarded with an exhilarating sense of freedom, not to mention the spectacular scenery you can admire.

» Hiking: Hiking is a wonderful way to see the country, with very few tough climbs. Routes are signposted and cross-country walking is so highly valued that there are even marked paths between the painted monasteries of Bucovina.

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